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Welcome to my website.

I have put this place together with a few thoughts in mind.

Foremost, to preserve some memories.
It is difficult to imagine now, but as I was growing up, I had no TV, no computer and no internet. Playing  meant getting out of the house and actually kicking a football around.

Come school vacations, families gravitated towards the Grandparents homes and those, were the most memorable times - be it swimming in the Ken river, or playing in the orchards, or racing across rooftops to catch the kite floating down after it lost a valiant battle in the skies. The fun, the laughter, the hurts and scratches, the fights and making- ups!
Sleeping on the terrace, I could picture the protagonists of the story Dadi or Nani would have told us, replaying the drama on the brilliant starlit stage above us!
There was this incomparable bond with the family - everyone knew everyone. Unfortunately, that is fading and worse, our children, may not even know the family.
The Family Tree is my attempt to bring everyone together and equally, preserve the memories of our forefathers before they are lost forever.

The second thought is of being happy. Cutthroat rat race has made us very cynical. My Blog is about Happiness! - and is my attempt at capturing things that make me smile.

Lastly, is a collection of Pictures - a very ecclectic collection of what we do - our travels, our adventures.. happy times...

 I  look forward to recieving your comments and thoughts - please drop me an email: 
Nasser Prakash